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What We Do

Home Theater & Media Rooms

Whether you want a home theater system for your Family Room with custom built in speakers, or a fully designed and installed Media Room, Birmingham Whole House Audio & Video Systems will assist you with your dream project. Birmingham Whole House Audio & Video Systems will design the perfect home theater system for every room.

Home Security & Video Surveillance

When investing in audio video equipment it is just that, an investment, and when investing your money in this quality equipment you’ll feel safer knowing your products are protected. At Home Concepts we work with a nationally recognized security company to make sure your products are safe, whether it’s motion detectors in accessible areas, or a in depth monitoring system we make sure your investment is safe.

Central Vacuum System

With Central Vacuum System, you will enjoy home cleaning convenience and powerful, yet quiet, cleaning performance throughout your home. Additionally, the advanced cleaning technology of central vacuum system improves your indoor air quality up to 52%. If controlling allergy symptoms is important to your family, the built-in system can deliver as much as 61% allergy reduction benefits.

Lighting Control

Taking advantage of the expertise of Birmingham Whole House Audio & Video Systems’ professionals, a lighting designer can achieve the exact look for each area with one press of a button. By using incandescent and LED lighting, a home can add color to under-bench-top, stair treads and Theater lighting features to a home.

Home Automation

Birmingham Whole House Audio & Video Systems is a full service automation company. We have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of home automation for over 40 years. Multi-room solutions are not complex nor are they boys toys but rather a way of getting all your electronic equipment organized and controlled by one simple user friendly solution that enhances your lifestyle and takes away the hassle of ever day chores.